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  Yeshiva University has become an institution of learning in many fields and a haven for those interested in keeping their ties to Judaism. Founded in 1896 as the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Yeshiva College and University remains as the oldest center for Judaic studies and the most comprehensive educational institution of its kind under Jewish auspices in the United States.  The original location of the Seminary was 156 Henry Street and is presently located at the main campus at 2540 Amsterdam Avenue.

 Yeshiva College was founded in 1928 and is the Undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences for men of the University.  Most of the student population come from 25 states and as many countries to attend classes.

The present campus was opened in 1928 and designed by the architectural firm of 
Charles B. Meyers & Associates.  The fanciful underpinnings overlaid with its Near and Middle Eastern details of turrets, towers, minarets, arches, buttresses and balconies enhance the flavor of the main building.  There is also an unusual orange with marble striping which gives the main building a touch of Byzantine architecture.

 The major courses taught at Yeshiva University are: Hebraic Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Biomedicine, Law, Studies of Jewish Heritage and Rabbinics.  Other Colleges affiliated with Yeshiva University are: Alfred Einstein School of Medicine, The Brookdale Center-Cardozo School of Law, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Sy Syms School of Business, The Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, and the Stern College for Women.

 Yeshiva University also offers courses for High School students.  The Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy for Boys is located at 2540 Amsterdam Avenue.  The Yeshiva High School for Girls  is located at 86-86 Palo Alto Street in Holliswood, New York.

 The Yeshiva University Museum has exhibits consisting of Judaic history and customs.  Artists from all over the world exhibit here. New exhibits are constantly scheduled and the public is invited to call in advance for schedules. Guided tours are by reservation. 

 The University has three publications for its students, faculty staff, alumni and friends of the University.  These are: Yeshiva University Today published monthly, The Commentator published bi-weekly and Cardozo Life published twice a year.

 Yeshiva University's radio station WYUR has been off the air for several years.  Negotiations are being made to upgrade the system that can be picked up by radios on campus and can be heard on a public address system in the buildings on campus.

 Yeshiva University's main office is located at 500 West 185th Street located within the campus on Amsterdam Avenue.  For more information about the University call (212) 960-5400.  The Yeshiva University Museum was formerly located on-campus and is now located at The Center of Jewish People at 15 West 16th Street and can be reached at (212) 294-8330

 The uptown campus is attainable by mass transit with the IRT #1 and #9 to 181st Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue.  Surface transportation bus routes to the campus are M101, M3, Bx3, Bx11, Bx13, Bx35 and Bx36.

 Yeshiva University can be accessed on the Internet at  This site accesses all aspects of the University such as admissions, student services, the various educational facilities and more. The Commentator can be accessed



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