The meeting took place at 110 Cabrini Blvd. and was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

In attendance were the following individuals: Julia Attaway, Caroline Brown, Marcella Calabi, Howard Dillon, Mary Dopler, Anne-Marie O'Keeffe, Peggy Morrissey, Helen Sokolsky, Simone Song, Mike Zamm. The following member buildings had residents present: 350 Cabrini Owners Corp., 720-730 Fort Washington Avenue Owners Corp., Cabrini Terrace Owners Corp., Castle Village Owners Corp., Hudson View Gardens. The following Community Associate Members (CAMs) were represented: Friends of Bennett Park, Simone Song Property, William B. May Real Estate. Also attending were the following guests: Jemine Burgos of Census 2000 and Alianza Dominicana. Jemine Burgos gave a brief presentation about the ongoing national census.

Our community is #1 in response rate in the City. Between April 27th and June 30th, enumerators will visit those households that did not answer the bar-coded census form or indicated more than 7 persons living there. Enumerators are carefully chosen from many applicants who are neighborhood residents; they will have identification; please let them in if they visit your household.

The draft March summary was reviewed and approved. Community announcements included (other than 4/30 events in Bennett Park and Fort Tryon Park for Earth Day -- past by the time of publication of this summary):

Bennett Park: "It's My Park Day" May 20th. Cleanup and fun events.

Good wishes to active HHOC member Mike A. for a speedy recovery from his foot surgery. [Announcements still current from last meeting: Fresh Youth Initiatives will have its annual fundraising event "Community Action Heroes" & Silent Auction, Wednesday 5/17, 6-9 p.m. at the Morris-Jumel Mansion. (Edgecome Ave. @ 160th St.) For information call 212-781-1113

Million Mom March for Reasonable Gun Legislation 5/14 (Mothers' Day). Beth Am The People's Temple, Our Savior's Atonement Lutheran Church and The Hebrew Tabernacle are organizing a bus, which will leave from 189th & Bennett at about 5:45 a.m. For information call 212-927-2230.]

Sanitation: Marcella reported (on Elizabeth's behalf) that the Sanitation Department continues to insist that this neighborhood has no need for additional trash baskets. Other ideas were discussed for how to get this real problem attended to. The Dogipot project was discussed. This is a project to install dispensers of plastic baggies for disposing of dog waste in areas where some neighborhood residents seem to need encouragement to take care of dog waste responsibly. Julia and others agreed to help the project reach realization, and Marcella agreed to try to secure the funds that have been offered by Senator Paterson's office (see March meeting summary). Nonetheless, we still think that Bennett Park DOG is a better situated organization to move this forward, and it was agreed that further attempts to connect with Bennett Park DOG would be made.

The New York Restoration Project ("Bette Midler's Group") has won the concession for the Fort Tryon Park Cafe. It was agreed that HHOC should invite NYRP to open up lines of communication; we would be very glad to have a representative of that organization come to an HHOC meeting. Julia will draft an invitation.

There was a brief discussion with Mike Z. about Transit Authority issues. There's no new news since last meeting, but it is unavoidably clear that in requesting yet another survey (by us!) of A-train ridership, the TA is bucking its job. A comprehensive survey is beyond our abilities and the TA is clearly uninterested in ensuring that its ridership data are correct. Some progress having been made in the way of commitments to improving conditions at the stations, this seems to be all we will get for now. Mike will keep on the case, and any ideas for other avenues of approach to the TA will be welcomed.

Marcella reported (based on a communication from Elizabeth) that Community Board 12 is considering a resolution from the housing committee in support of rent control legislation. This resolution calls for a 10-point plan to recommend to the NYS legislature, including the extension of rent protection to all tenants in C12, definitionally including renters in co-ops and condos (sublettors and post-conversion tenants of sponsors). It was agreed that this particular provision would be bad for co-ops and condos, and that if the resolution passes HHOC will need to go on record in opposition.

The Security Task Force research agreed to stay after adjournment and set up a committee meeting, as it appears that some of the buildings approached by this committee in the past are showing new interest.

The next meeting will be held on Monday May 22nd at 7:15pm, in the Castle Village Community Room. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


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