The meeting took place at 720 Ft. Washington and was called to order at 7:25 p.m.

In atttendance were the following individuals: M. Anzalone, Michael Augenblick, Anne Blowers, Caroline Brown, Marcella Calabi, Howard Dillon, Mary Dopler, Sara Friend, Suwineetha Gunasekera, Gregory Healy, Geri Hopkins, Richard Lissemore, William J. McBurney, Jr., Peggy Morrissey, Rosa Naparstek, Simone Song, Gina Vega, Nina Weinstein, and Mike Zamm. The following member buildings had residents present: 255 Cabrini Condominium, 66 Overlook Terrace Corp., 720/730 Fort Washington Avenue Owners Corp., Cabrini Terrace Owners Corp., Castle Village Owners Corp., Fort Tryon Corp., Hudson View Gardens, Pinehurst Owners Corp. The following Commercial Associate Members (CAMs) were represented: Lissemore Music Studios, Simone Song Properties, William B. May Real Estate. Also attending were the following invited guests: Officer Trinidad for the 34th Precinct; Kate Podniesinski for Senator Schneiderman; and Frank Hess for Assemblyman Farrell. Other organizations represented were: Bennett Park Dog Owners Group, West 181st Street Beautification Project.

The draft November minutes were reviewed and approved.

Community Events announcements included: Singfest 2000, 4/2 at 7 p.m., Mother Cabrini High School. This event, an annual fundraiser for the school, will this year honor The Immigrant and will again be directed by Richard Lissemore and performed (voluntarily) by very generous and wonderfully talented performers and volcalists, many of whom are our neighbors here in Hudson Heights. It was agreed that HHOC will again purchase a full page ad in the Singfest program and include a flier in the March mailing. Friends of Bennett Park also offered to highlight Singfest in their releases.
There was discussion of other marketing ideas, and the 187th Street subcommittee will follow up. Friends of Ft. Tryon Park announced plans to produce a Calendar 2001 fundraiser project featuring beautiful pictures of the park and its environs, and asked for volunters esp. with skills in P.R., graphics, printing, etc. Elizabeth suggested that they get in touch with Fresh Youth Initiatives, sponsors of a successful calendar. Rosa also noted that Friends is seeking entries Ð photographs, watercolors, sketches, etc. Ð to a contest to determine placement of art in the calendar. Although the calendar will be printed in black & white, color submissions will be accepted. For more information, call 740-9378.

HHOC welcomed its newest commercial member:
                Lissemore Music Studios,
                495 Ft. Washington,
                Tel: 568-7895
                 proprietor: Mr. Richard Lissemore.

We wish Richard much success. In addition to offering musical instruction, LMS provides studio facilities for rent -- a much needed resource for the many musicians here in the neighborhood. Elizabeth mentioned that there are possible plans for a new cafe to service the area of the Medical Center and northward.

Project list items discussed included: 187th St. Subcommittee is scheduled to meet on 2/1 to review next steps regarding new/ replacement trash cans; will follow up with DSNY, DOT and Community Board 12. Website: Mike A. again requested that member buildings submit write-ups and reminded all to notify him of community events/announcements for inclusion on the HHOC website. Dog Run, Doggie-Doo: there was a lengthy discussion. Bennett Park Dog Owners Group representatives emphasized their desire for a neighborhood dog run while stating their opposition to the currently proposed site in Ft. Tryon Park. Responsible dog owners are concerned that they are being affected by the irresponsible acts of other dog owners, who neglect to pick up after their dogs. There was a discussion of leash laws, and of the ongoing problem of dog poop on neighborhood sidewalks. An increase in trash cans might help somewhat. Areas of greatest complaints: Cabrini Blvd. across from Castle Village and north of 190th up to Ft. Tryon Park (both sides).

Old and New Business: Mike Z. followed up on Transit Service Issues re: A Train (express ervice, corroded subway pillars, overall service) and scheduled a meeting with Steve Strauss on 2/3 to which all were invited. Peggy alerted the group to an ongoing problem of dogs being tied to the chain link fence for hours in the schoolyard of P.S. 187, specifically on Sunday aftenoons by a group engaged in basketball. The dogs bark continually while trying to break free. It was discussed that aside from this being cruel, the noise levels are unacceptable. Peggy agreed to follow up with Stanley Michel's office and the ASPCA to determine specifically the pertinent law. Officer Trinidad thought that the noise level might not meet the current threshold for a nuisance citation. It was also suggested that Peggy contact the District Superintendent's office.

Aircraft noise -- Elizabeth gave an update on this topic: apparently flight patterns are now being analyzed in the LaGuardia-Newark air space with consideration to broadcast helicopters and commuter craft. She will keep us posted.

Fort Tryon Park concession: Elizabeth reported that the Parks Dept. responded to and seems to be in agreement with an HHOC letter outlining ideas about the concession.

Danger on the Highway: Rosa distributed copies of a letter addressed to the Dept. of Transportation decrying the frequent accidents on the northbound lane of the Henry Hudson Highway between approximately 178th and 187th Streets, where the road is banked incorrectly; there was a fatality on 1/1. This has been a problem for years and it is hoped that DOT will finally take action to reconstruct this section of the road.

HHOC acknowledges and thanks the West 181st Street Beautification Project members who have kept vigilant on this matter for years. Anyone wishing to add their voice and time to this most important issues, please contact Jeanlee Poggi at (212) 946-1703. Frank reported that there was meeting scheduled for the following day with DOT to discuss this highway hazard.

HHOC DUES: After seven years of no rate increase ($1.00 per building unit) it was agreed unanimously that dues be increased to $1.25 per unit. Current CAM dues of $50/year will remain unchanged until further discussion.

HHOC meeting place: HHOC's continued interest in rotating locations among member buildings and around the neighborhood was discussed. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday February 29th at 7:15pm, venue TBA. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


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