The meeting took place at 720 Ft. Washington and was called to order at 7:25 p.m.

In attendance were the following individuals: Michael Augenblick, Caroline Brown, Marcella Calabi, Howard Dillon, Mary Dopler, Martha Ellington, Suwineetha Gunasekera, John Gutierrez, Gregory Healy, Anne-Marie O'Keeffe, Rosa Naparstek, Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, Brian Shadeod, Mike Zamm. The following member buildings had residents present: 255 Cabrini Condominium, 66 Overlook Terrace Corp., 720-730 Fort Washington Avenue Owners Corp., Cabrini Terrace Owners Corp., Castle Village Owners Corp., Fort Tryon Corp., Hudson View Gardens. The following Community Associate Members (CAMs) were represented: Beth Am, Hudson Cliffs Theater Arts Center, Stein-Perry Real Estate, William B. May Real Estate. Also attending were the following guests: Officer Trinidad for the 34th Precinct, Joseph Haslip for Senator Paterson, and Frank Hess for Assemblyman Farrell. Other organizations represented were: Fenwick Keats North Realty and The Manhattan Times.

The draft January and February minutes were reviewed and approved.

Community Events announcements included: Cancellation of Singfest 2000. We hope this event will go on next year.

Friends of Ft. Tryon Park: Earth Day Park Cleanup and Party Sunday 4/30 (starting 10a.m. and 2 p.m. respectively); meet near the subway. Rain date 5/7. Also, if you have any good photos/art of the park for use in their calendar, FFTP would be glad to use them. The calendar will be black-and-white but color works can be used. Fresh Youth Initiatives will have its annual fundraising event "Community Action Heroes" and Silent Auction, Wednesday 5/17, 6-9 p.m. at the Morris Jumel Mansion, (Edgecome Ave. and 160th Street). For information call 212-781-1113

Million Mom March for Reasonable Gun Safety Control 5/14 (Mothers' Day). Beth Am The People's Temple, Our Savior's Atonement Luteran Church and The Hebrew Tabernacle are organizing a bus, which will leave our neighborhood at about 5:45 a.m. For information call 212-927-2230.

"Vest Pocket Park" is coming to 187th and Cabrini: work visibly is in progress. Welcome to the new chapel of the Mormon/LDS faith on Riverside Drive near Dyckman.
Thanks to the Sanitation Dept. for cleaning up the 187th St. steps recently.

New Newspaper in the 'hood: Congratulations to John Gutierrez and staff, and welcome to the Manhattan Times.

Old and New Business: Officer Trinidad agreed to look into whether there is any data in the crime statistics that would be in support of HHOC's request to DOT for more street lighting in certain areas. Mary gave a presentation of information about Dogipot, a system for making available dog-cleanup supplies on the street or in the park. This is a system used, apparently with some success, by the Riverside Dog Owners Group. Joseph volunteered funding from Sen. Paterson's office and perhaps from other sources through Sen. Paterson's office. HHOC agreed to support the project of installing this or a similar system in Bennett Park and other needed areas of the neighborhood, if the collaboration of other interested groups can be obtained. Mary agreed to contact Bennett Park Dog Owners Group to solicit their involvement. Joseph Haslip of Sen. Paterson's office described the successful Free Diabetes Screening Program that took place in the Harlem neighborhood and told about plans to expand that idea and present it in our neighborhood (and, eventually, city-wide). He got feedback from attendees about what services and what venues might work best in our area. He will provide more info as the program develops. [Subsequent to this meeting, a Screening Day was scheduled for either May 21st or June 4th (both are Sundays) in the afternoon, at the Fort Washington Collegiate Church @ 181st Street. Watch this space for details!]

Mike Z. reported on ongoing meetings with the TA about subway service. He and other area residents met on 3/28 with Frank Hess of Assemblyman Farrell's Office, Kate Podniesinski of State Senator Schneiderman's Office, and Steve Strauss, MTA's Assistant Director of Governmental & Community Relations.
    1. Mr. Strauss confirmed that MTA will paint 190th Street station and inspect corroded structural beams; he will investigate the need to add to the lighting recently placed on mezzanine of 190th Street station.
    2. With respect to the uptown A train express schedule at night (11:05 pm last express from 59th Street on weekdays 11:01 pm, weekends) and the morning rush hour at 190th Street (8-10 minutes wait in between trains for most of the rush hour, 6 minutes at certain times), Strauss said the MTA does not have the rolling stock or financial resources to improve the situation. When asked why the morning rush hour schedule at 190th Street was significantly slower than in 1993 (6 minutes between trains for most of it, 4-6 minutes for some) he said our minutes had been redistributed to other parts of the system which had experienced increased ridership more than ours.
    3. With respect to the A trains fair to poor compliance with the existing schedule, Mark Greene agreed to conduct a survey of the 59th Street late hour express trains to assess whether they do leave 59th as late as 11:05 pm. A plan to conduct a morning rush hour survey at 190th, 181st and 175th Streets also was discussed. Mike Zamm will try to motivate some available neighborhood residents to conduct the survey.

There was a discussion of Coogan's Salsa, Blues & Shamrocks 5k Race. There was better notification and fewer traffic problems than last year, but logistical difficulties remain. Several examples were given. Marcella suggested that we collect data points on traffic problems, so that we can communicate problem areas to event organizers and precinct for better planning next year. Correspondence: Elizabeth shared copies of follow-up correspondence to NYC Dep't of Sanitation after last month's tour of problem areas with DSNY Sgt. McGrath. Thanks to Suwineetha and Van for the walk-through, to Julia Attaway for a second walk-through and detailed map, and to Suwineetha, Tina Molinari and Julia for their efforts in drafting letters.

Marcella pointed out the changes made to the format of the HHOC "minutes", to reflect both the nature of the document and the status of attendees more accurately, and at the same time not identifying individuals' addresses:
    (1) This document is a "summary", not really "minutes" in the institutional sense, and will be called that from now on.
    (2) Rather than wait a month to approve it before publication, it will be made clearer that the draft is only a draft.
    (3) Individuals, buildings of which they are resident, and other organizations that individuals may represent will be identified separately.

The next meeting will be held on Monday April 24th at 7:15pm, in the Castle Village Community Room, 110 Cabrini Blvd. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


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