Members Present: Howard Aaron, Julia Attaway, Caroline Brown, Marcella Calabi, Susan Lewis, Doreen Mangan, William McBurney, Rita McKee, Tina Molinari, Joe Montagna, Peggy Morrissey, Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, Helen Sokolsky, Ruddy Thompson, Steve Wolgast, Mike Zamm

Representatives of Elected Officials Present: Wendy Garcia, of Scott Stringer’s office; Sarah Morgridge, of Robert Jackson’s office; Ariel Rivera of Eric Schneiderman’s office

Buildings Represented: Castle Village, 100 Overlook, 900 W. 190th Street, 720/730 Fort Washington Ave, 17 Chittenden, 350 Cabrini, 120 Bennett, 689 Fort Washington Ave, 447 Fort Washington Ave,

Businesses Represented: Simone Song Realty, Caroline Brown Realty, Thompson Development


The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

Con Edison Update: Feedback from the mailing about the power line was positive. Approval was granted for purchasing a ¼ page snip-and-mail ad in the Manhattan Times. Wendy Garcia of Scott Stringer’s office expressed thanks for HHOC’s efforts. She also reported that the Borough engineer found that the route Con Edison has proposed involves problems with the subway and power lines.

There was discussion about the need for the community to know about large-scale problems earlier in the process. It is important not to use up activists by bringing up issues when it’s too late to do anything substantive about a problem. Ms. Garcia reported that the next major issue is likely to be the renovation of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Notice was given of FAA meetings about flight plans and noise mitigation.
Arts Stroll Update: This year’s community project will be a sequence of umbrellas from river to river. Watch for dates of the Arts Stroll in May.

Susan Day Lewis discussed a community art project to enhance the 187th Street step street. The project will take place from late May to mid June, and all artists are invited to participate. This will not be a single design, but will combine the work of many people, provide a permanent covering to the walls along the steps. Opportunities for painting on canvas which can be affixed (or removed) from the wall will also exist. A request for help with financing will be forthcoming.

Effective steps for handling graffiti were mentioned. Through a city program, the police will provide mailbox paint so that individuals can paint over graffiti on mailboxes as it occurs. If a building is tagged, residents should call the precinct and speak to Lt. LoPresto at (212) 927-2540 and describe the tag.

The Buildings NY show is at the Javits Center from June 27-28. It is free. For more info go to

The City Council has proposed a bill which would require co-ops to document in writing the reasons they have rejected an applicant. The objective of the bill is to reduce discrimination in housing. A lengthy and animated discussion on the bill took place, raising issues and questions such as why existing legislation isn’t working and the potential new problems that the proposed legislation could cause. A working group was formed to develop an HHOC position paper on this topic. Robert Jackson is a co-sponsor of the bill.

It is budget season for the City Council. Bill McBurney agreed to put together a proposal for funding planting and lighting along upper Cabrini.

The lawn in Bennett Park has been reseeded. Additional issues are adequate watering and figuring out strategies to get people to stay off the lawn while grass takes hold. Julia Attaway is putting together a group to meet with the Parks Dept. on this.

Cabrini High School has notified HHOC that it has several rental spaces available: Founders Hall, which seats 125; a classroom, which seats 30; a conference room, which seats 35; and the gym, which seats 400. For more information, contact Susan Fraleigh at (212) 923-3540.

The next meeting will be held on June 11 at 7:15 p.m. at 17 Chittenden Avenue



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