Individuals Present: Howard Aaron, Julia Attaway, Mike Augenblick, Marcella
Calabi, Mary Kim, Tina Molinari, Cristina Montagna, Bill Pape, Elizabeth Porter, Brenda Ramirez-Paulino, Henry Stern, Mike Zamm
Buildings Represented: 854 W. 181st, 360 Cabrini, Castle Village, 116
Pinehurst, 720/730 Fort Washington, 100 Overlook, 17 Chittenden, 255 Cabrin Condo,
350 Cabrini O/C
Representatives of Elected Officials Present: Raquel Retif of Senator
Schneiderman's office

Marcella followed up on the previous meeting's discussion of Presbyterian Hospital and its role in the community by explaining the current pressure on not-for-profit institutions to define the charitable work they do. Congress is currently trying to challenge and more closely define what it means to be not-forprofit. Educational institutions and hospitals are under greatest scrutiny, and are searching for ways to define and quantify the value of their work for the

There was roundtable discussion about gyms (currently available in 720/730,
66 Overlook, Castle Village, with three other buildings considering adding a gym)
and storage spaces. All buildings with gyms charge an annual fee; gyms have
key-card access, members get chits for guests, and members must sign a liability
waiver. No gym members from outside the building are permitted for
insurance/liability reasons.
Storage spaces are subject to the 80/20 rule, which ensures that buildings are primarily housing units. No more than 20% of income can come from commercial sources. Buildings considering adding storage spaces are advised to examine their bylaws first, since many 1980's conversions may have to change bylaws to use common space for this purpose.
Julia Attaway agreed to look at the HHOC web site and Wikipedia to update them
and edit for accuracy.

There was extensive discussion about security issues, and how to move forward on them. Car break-ins are often not reported, and do not get as much police attention as they deserve. It is extremely important to report all crimes (car break-ins, muggings, etc.) so that City resources are allocated appropriately. Henry Stern agreed to draft a letter to elected officials that will go out on HHOC letterhead about security issues and the need to have the park area next to 360 Cabrini cleaned up. Julia Attaway will develop a flier for posting in buildings and
the 187th St bulletin board about the importance of reporting crimes. Once the flier is made, Marcella Calabi will contact the Manhattan Times about a possible article on the topic.

The security project which Robert Jackson's office proposed (with HHOC help) for funding last year did not get approved, due to other more pressing budget needs. The need to pursue security issues in the neighborhood remains. Mike Zamm agreed to provide a list of buildings with cameras to Mary Kim, who will provide a list of the missing buildings to Marcella, so that we can determine which buildings need to be contacted to complete and update the survey.
Marcella will contact Sarah Morgridge about putting up signs on Cabrini stating
that the area is under surveillance. It has yet to be determined how to involve
non-owner buildings.
Announcements about then-upcoming events included:

It was agreed that HHOC will send out an email blast containing announcement
of upcoming events, including attachments of pdfs of fliers (if available) shortly
after each meeting, to update the full list of upcoming events. The meeting
summary from the prior meeting will also be attached.

The meeting ended at 9:15 p.m.


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