The meeting took place at 110 Cabrini Blvd. and was called to order at 7:20 p.m. 12/15/98. Representing member buildings were: Martha Ellington and Geri Hopkins of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Sarah Morgridge of Chittenden House; Michael Klein and Michael Zamm of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Michael and Lynn Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Julia Attaway of 350 Cabrini; Anne-Marie O‚Keeffe of Hudson View Gardens; Erica Lindenstraus, Elizabeth Lorris Ritter and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village. Also present were Commercial Associate members Caroline Brown of William B. May and Gus Perry of Stein-Perry Real Estate. Additionally present were Phillip Baltazar of 250 Cabrini and Van Stone of Community Action Core.

The draft November minutes were reviewed; additions will be made and reviewed at the next meeting.

Phillip asked for recommendations concerning managing agents; among other suggestions he was referred to Adria whose building is also interviewing at this time.

HHOC business:
Elizabeth reported that an independent contractor in the neighborhood has requested to become a new Commercial Associate member; it was agreed that associate membership need not be restricted to storefront businesses.
Mike A. requested member buildings to provide information for inclusion in the website -- see the site for examples by some buildings. Marcella will search for information that was collected a couple of years ago.

Media coverage of the neighborhood:  Gus reported that there will soon be another NYTimes article re Washington Heights as a whole. He has given a significant amount of time to promoting good media coverage of the neighborhood and HHOC is grateful.
Traffic and Pedestrian Safety:Sarah‚s draft letter re: Overlook Terrace is now in Elizabeth‚s hands for completion and mailing to the appropriate parties.
Also, HHOC received a response from the precinct to our correspondence concerning a hit-and-run by a delivery bicycle on Cabrini Blvd.; Elizabeth will pursue the general enforcement issue with Community Board 12 along with other concerned parties.

Bennett Park:  Anne-Marie introduced the topic of Bennett Park, specifically the noise and filth caused by uncontrolled dogs. The use and condition of this park is a complicated topic;  numerous individuals are interested in and have been working on various aspects of the park. A lengthy session of brainstorming led to the agreement that HHOC will host a special meeting in the hope of coalescing the energies of these various individuals. Anne-Marie, Van, and Mike K. will identify the invitee list and Anne-Marie will draft the invitation for Marcella. HHOC‚s role will be to help build a coalition of people to work on Bennett Park and to support their efforts.

Task force re security north of PS 187: submitted a statement summarizing activity and status, to be distributed with the January mailing

187th Street:
Van reported that the Bulletin Boards on the north face of the Hilltop Pharmacy wall are going well. Bill Ryder at Hilltop manages the contents of the locked case;  items of significance to the general community can be dropped off with him. Dave Seroy, the contractor who donated time and materials to build the bulletin boards, will amend the plaque to include Community Action Core and HHOC.
Merchants Association: Marcella will, as agreed, see to it that the merchants of 187th Street are invited to the January meeting.

The next meeting was set for TUESDAY JANUARY 19th at 7:15 sharp in the Castle Village Community Room,  110 Cabrini Blvd. NOTE: TUESDAY NOT MONDAY. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.



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