The meeting took place at 180 Cabrini Blvd. #89 and was called to order at 7:15 p.m. 1/26/98. Present were the following residents of member buildings:  Cliff Rotbert of Hudson View Gardens; Geri Hopkins, Martha Ellington and Joyce ______ of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Paul Ross of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Peggy Morrissey, Helen Sokolsky and Roger Tashjian of Cabrini Terrace; Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, Erica Lindenstraus and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village, Constance Cooper of 100 Overlook Terrace; Adria Quiñones of Nagle Apartments; Kathi J. Ramos of 350 Cabrini;  and Kirsten Cowal of Chittenden House.  Also present were Caroline Brown of Wm. B. May Company and Rosendo Hernandez of Hernandez Grocery.

The minutes of 12/8/97 were approved.

The following topics came up in the Roundtable:

(1) the question of co-ops’ requiring residents to carry liability insurance.  All co-ops represented require that any contractors carrying out work substantial enough to involve an Alteration Agreement must carry their own liability insurance.  In addition, the residents themselves must have liability coverage as part of their homeowners’ insurance.  Co-ops differ in their enforcement/tracking of this coverage;  Castle Village has recently arranged with an insurance company to contact all residents.
(2) communication channels between committees and the Board.  Several co-ops have an arrangement such that a Director attends committee meetings as a liaison, but without necessarily being the chairperson of that committee.  Sometimes the Board appoints the chairperson, more often it is a matter of who volunteers.
(3) Clarification of which party is liable for damage when there is, for example, a flood.   The first question is who is responsible for the flood:  if it is a burst pipe, then the owners’ association is responsible.  Co-ops tend to be responsible for all matters within walls and up to the plaster (excluding wall treatments).  Some co-ops, after repairing the plaster, will also paint (as a courtesy to shareholders) for a reduced fee.  One of the many benefits of homeowners’ insurance, in addition to the fact that it will cover damage to those portions of the apartment for which the association is not responsible, is that the insurer will take on the job of arguing with the other party’s insurer if there is any dispute as to responsibility.
(4) The recent suit in which Directors were held personally liable for the death of a child who fell past faulty window guards underscores the question of Directors’ liability.  Anyone contemplating serving on a Board should be sure that the co-op has both Directors’ Liability insurance and an indemnification clause (ensuring that the co-op will pay legal fees to defend Directors).  These protections are insufficient when criminal liability is at issue.  Mike A. handed out a NY Law Journal article listing some but not all of the laws that impose criminal sanctions.  [For a copy contact him or Marcella].
Non-compliance with window guard
 (5) requirements is one that raises the specter of jail time for Directors.  Discussion ensued about the need for proactive vigilance Board on this issue.
(6) The member building (720-730 Ft. Washington) that had a question at the December meeting about the health affects of a cable receiver/repeater installation reported that the issue had been resolved, with reassurance from Bell Labs, Microwave Journal, and consultants in electrical engineering.
(7) A member building brought up building security issues and was advised to contact Maria Rivera at the 34th Precinct and the Community Board.

These topics came up in a discussion of the 187th Street Commercial District:
(1) The new Associated Market is open and appears to be an improvement over the A&P.  Service at the local Chase branch seems to be improving although some participants still report frustrating experiences.
(2) Kismat is considering applying for a liquor license, and also to expand business by physically extending the dining area out towards the street.  People should walk by and think about how this would look. This is not an isssue for the 255 Cabrini Condo Association to decide, it is a landlord/city matter.
(3) Hernandez Grocery wants to tap HHOC’s services in applying for assistance to make improvements.  Geri and Roger will work with Mr. Hernandez.
(4) There is a gentleman who is interested in opening a café with wine, beer, food, local art exhibitions, live music, etc. on 187th Street.  HHOC representatives will contact him for further discussion.
(5) The 187th St. Task Force agreed to make a new round of visits.
(6) There was general agreement that the "Shop Local" letter included in the last mailing was a good idea, and that this letter should be copied and posted liberally throughout the neighborhood.

The Project List was reviewed with the following updates:
(1) Mike Z. and Elizabeth L. R. wrote to the MTA about bus behavior/gas leaks at Corbin Circle.
(2) A community liaison officer from the 34th Precinct will attend the next meeting.
(3) Marcella distributed a copy of a AAA article about ways to control speeding together with a list of brainstorm ideas submitted so far.  Participants to continue to think about this.
(4) Kirsten agreed to join the effort to the Community Resource List.
(5) There was a discussion concerning the type of content and links that the HHOC website might have, to assist Mike A. and Kirsten in their work on this project.
(6) Marcella handed out forms for information about members buildings to be kept in the library.
(7) There was discussion about the incorporation status of HHOC, focusing on notes by Marcella that had some errors.  Elizabeth L.R. agreed to correct the notes as a basis for the next discussion.
(8) Erica L. has volunteered to provide her telephone number and act as sign-up-list coordinator for a presentation by the Cloisters.  The two weekends 2/28-3/1 and 3/7-8 were discussed as possible dates;  Cliff and Marcella agreed to check the HVG and CV Community Rooms as locations.

The next meeting was set for February 23, same time and place. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m., with the Directors staying to meet and choose officers


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