The meeting took place at 110 Cabrini Blvd. and was called to order at 7:25 p.m. 6/22/98. Representing member buildings were: Geri Hopkins and Martha Ellington of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Michael Zamm of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Peggy Morrissey, Roger Tashjian, and Helen Sokolsky of Cabrini Terrace; Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Elizabeth Lorris Ritter and Erica Lindenstraus of Castle Village; Julia Attawy of 350 Cabrini; Connie Cooper and Thomas Brady of 100 Overlook; Sarah Morgride of 17 Chittenden. Commercial Assoc Members present were Caroline Brown of Wm. B. May Company and Gus Perry of Stein Perry Real Estate. Also present were: Van Stone (Community Action Core); Miosotis Munoz (Manhattan Borough President's Office/MBPO); Hector Alvarez (Neighborhood Patrol); Officer Billy Hughes (34th Precinct Community Affairs). The May minutes were approved with slight corrections.

ROUNDTABLE: Connie gave an update on noise from ice-cream trucks. She has had success with reaching out directly to the drivers. The consensus was that the situation is improving. Julia suggested getting the license number and complaining to the company. Noise: from garbage trucks on early runs (1am and 5am), and from stores gates being opened early in the morning. The matter should be referred to Community Board and DEP for follow-up. UPDATES: The Hudson River (187th Street) Merchants Association (HRMA) is interested in doing a street fair next summer, rather than this fall, since there is insufficient time to plan a successful event.

TOPICS FROM THE PROJECT LIST: Task force re security north of PS 187: is continuing to meet, and is taking a 4-pronged approach: 1. Javitz playground: will be meeting with the 34th precinct. 2. north end of Cabrini Blvd: need a minimum of 6 buildings to make a patrol cost-effective. So far, there are only 4 or 5 buildings interested. the task force is continuing outreach. 3. more police patrols: Erica followed up with Councilman Michels and NYPD. The NYPD is not forthcoming with information, although there "seems to be an increase in patrols." Geri handed out a listing of "anecdotal evidence of crimes and misdemeanors in the past 6 months." While it is helpful to have a sense from our neighbors as to crimes committed locally, this summary is a poor substitute for real public safety information which should be available from the Precinct. Miosotis advised of a meeting later this month to get more information on local patrols, and to get the community more involved in local policing issues. 4. awareness of neighborhood patrol: see summary of subsequent presentation by Hector Alvarez. Support of landlords et al. re: combating "resident dealers": Elizabeth reported that Community Board Public Safety Committee Chair Sybil Dodson and local realtor Gus Perry are interested in working with each other on this issue. Web Site: Geri and Connie passed updated/corrected information to Mike A. for posting. Mike A. is working on a calendar and bulletin board. Van mentioned that the WH Neighborhood Assn (WHNA) will be using Stein Perry's bulletin Board on 181st Street for neighborhood news. Van discussed plans to install enclosed (for community events) and unenclosed (for advertising/notices) bulletin boards at 187th & Fort Washington Avenue. He will pursue this with an architect and carpenter. Tree guards: Roger reported that one is going in at 620 FWA, and another possibly at 680 FWA. WHNA will pay half the cost. Mike A. reported indemnity issues are a concern for local businesses. 187th Street: A letter went out regarding flyer inserts for the neighborhood welcome folders. there followed a discussion on ways to improve networking with our sister organization, the Hudson River Merchants Assn (HRMA). There was reported an improvement in businesses during the late-night Thursdays. Geri reported on her work with the new Associated Food Market, which has changed management again. She will be meeting with them over the summer. She is encouraging them to join ? or at least meet with ? HRMA. Miosotis suggested that HHOC contact the Public Advocate's Office re: price comparison to other local markets. (Connie agreed to follow up w/ Mark Green's office.) commercial vacancies on 187th Street: Mike A. reports that there are none at this time, based on recent discussions with commercial landloards. 501(c)(3) status: still looking for a pro bono accountant. envelopes: final design approved.

GUEST SPEAKERS: There was an informative presentation and lively discussion led by Neighborhood Patrol leader Hector Alvarez and 34th Precinct Community Affairs Office Billy Hughes. A neighborhood patrol car drives through the neighborhood on a rotating schedule during the daytime hours (8am-4pm) as well as weeday nights (10pm-midgnight) and weekend overnights (11pm-3am). They also have foot patrols. Hector said he would investigate the Ft. Tryon Park road closing. Hector encouraged people to volunteer 2 hours per week as "block-watchers" and 2 hours per month on foot patrols. Volunteer forms were distributed. PO Hughes gave an update of the Precinct's "conditions team", which consists of 1 sergeant and 4 officers, and operates between midnight and 8am. Officer Hughes also warned of a series of "push-in" robberies, involving a young female approaching elderly residents for charity, and then ransacking their apartments. Office Hughes also handed out an information sheet of police and other enforcement contact telephone numbers, and a booklet on confidence games targeted at the elderly. Elizabeth requested that quality-of-life complaints be taken seriously, particularly in Javitz Playground, PS 187 schoolyard, the 187th St. commercial strip, and Bennett Park. A discussion of teen loitering followed. Geri agreed to follow up with PS 187 principal regarding locking of schoolyard gates. Mike Z. suggested further discussion of recreational facilities for neighborhood teens.

NEW TOPICS and CORRESPONDENCE Park at 190th Street "A" Train is open for volleyball and ping-pong as soon as the Parks Department sets up equipment, and the volunteer coverage schedule is worked out. Elizabeth reported on the application to the MBPO for funding to build a "vest-pocket park" at the confluence of 187th Street, Pinehurst Avenue, and Cabrini Blvd, in cooperation with NYC's Green Streets Program. Friends of Fort Tryon Park has agreed to act as financial conduit; Van obtained letters of support. Sarah raised safety issues, and encouraged a public education effort. HHOC agreed in theory to fund a bench. Gus reported on a rental/tenant situation at 11 Hillside: a successful tenants association influenced better screening procedures and increased tenant safety.

The next meeting was set for MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14th, same time but NOTE NEW LOCATION: The Castle Village Community Room, 110 Cabrini Blvd. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


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