The meeting took place at 180 Cabrini Blvd. #89 and was called to order at 7:15 p.m. 3/30/98. Present were the following residents of member buildings: Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Geri Hopkins and Martha Ellington of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Constance Cooper of 100 Overlook Terrace; Michael Zamm of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Peggy Morrissey of Cabrini Terrace; Julie Gillis of Pinehurst Owners Corp; Adria Quiñones and Rita Jensen of Nagle Apartments Corp; Elizabeth Ritter, Erica Lindenstraus and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village. Also present were Caroline Brown of Wm. B. May Company, Simone Yen Song of Simone Song Properties, Gus Perry of Stein-Perry Real Estate, and Richard Lissemore on behalf of Mother Cabrini High School’s "Singfest ‘98".

There was discussion of issues concerning security and crime:

In conjunction with this topic, Marcella asked the group to consider follow-ups to the 34th Precinct’s presentation. Ideas included: Writing a letter to the Community Board in support of the idea that bathroom facilities in Dyckman Park would help solve some of the behavior problems that go on in that area and increase the value of that amenity to our neighborhood as well. Elizabeth agreed to draft this letter(?).

Finding out more precisely what (and where) Lt. Melendez had in mind when he suggested that speed bumps along Dyckman would help fight the drag racers, so that HHOC can work to support that idea as well.

Same with the idea of "No Stopping/No Standing" signs along the Ft. Tryon Park Road, which would assist police in enforcing park regulations. Marcella will call Lt. Melendez when possible(?).

Marcella agreed to create a flier out of the information (included in the minutes of 2/23) summarizing what HHOC learned in its discussion with representatives of the 34th Precinct. After checking/clearing the contents of this flier with Lt. Melendez, HHOC could distribute this flier throughout the neighborhood.

Continuing in the vein of security issues in the neighborhood, Gus pointed out that appropriate screening of potential residents by landlords and co-op boards has a significant impact on the potential for illegal activity such as drug dealing. He suggested that HHOC reach out to landlorlds, tenant associations, and interested individuals in the neighborhood to alert them to the importance of this step and help find resources for carrying it out. Gus agreed to draft an outreach letter on this subject. Compiling complete lists of such people has proved daunting in the past; it was agreed that Marcella would simply keep track of any names and addresses provided on an ad hoc basis by any HHOC participant as the names come up.

The minutes of the February meeting were approved.

There was roundtable discussion of shareholder participation in co-op life, the respective roles of management and Board, and Director BurnOut. Adria agreed to host a kaffee klatsch for the purpose of networking and mutual support on these topics among any interested in participating.

Re: website. It was agreed that instead of waiting until we are completely ready to go online, we should nab the domain name HHOC.org since it is available and Mike can get it inexpensively.

Re: HHOC. The idea came up of getting a NYTimes article to happen on the subject of HHOC specifically. Everyone agreed to think about whether they have any useful contacts in the Style, City, or Real Estate areas of the newspaper. Also, the fact that HHOC is increasingly being recognized as a force in the neighborhood is evidenced by requests for speakers at a wide range of events, most recently the Audubon Reform Democratic Club event.

Re: 187th Street Commercial Strip. There was discussion of rumored future vacancies on the north side of the block. Mike A. agreed to contact the landlord of his block to express HHOC’s interest in helping to ensure successful tenancies. The new café is proceeding on the south side of the block.

Re: Speeding. Elizabeth suggested a letter to the Mayor’s office inviting him to bring some of his much-publicised enforcement of speed limits to streets that really need it, namely Bennett, Cabrini, Pinehurst, Overlook.

Re: Cloisters Outreach Event: The HHOC-sponsored presentation by the Education Department of the Cloisters Museum was a success. The follow-up tour will be held on April 19 .

Re: Bus Service. Elizabeth reported that there was a follow-up and response by the Transit Authority to HHOC’s letter concerning buses idling and/or leaking gas at Margaret Corbin Circle. She also reminded everyone that individuals can take action on bus problems by calling 1-800-NYCTBUS M-F, 7-5.

Re: NY Hospital — Columbia Presbyterian merger. Elizabeth announced that there will be several breakfasts for neighborhood representatives on this subject. One will be at 8:30 a.m. on 4/28. Call 305-2114 if you want to go.

Re: HHOC checking account. Elizabeth and Mike pointed out that the Federal Credit Union now has checking accounts, and asked for permission to move the HHOC account from Chase to the credit union. This is not only a way to support the neighborhood’s credit union, it will also save HHOC on banking fees. Agreement was unanimous.

Re: HHOC support for neighborhood cultural events/schools. At Simone’s invitation, Richard Lissemore was present to speak about "Singfest ‘98", a fund-raising performance event on behalf of Mother Cabrini High School. This is an outstanding musical event showcasing many of the extraordinary show-biz talents who live in the neighborhood and donate their time. HHOC agreed to purchase a full-page ad in the program booklet for $100. Several individuals volunteered to leaflet their buildings to help publicize the event.

The next meeting was set for April 27, same time and place. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.