The meeting took place at 180 Cabrini Blvd. #89 and was called to order at 7:15 p.m. 5/21/98. Present were the following residents of member buildings: Geri Hopkins and Martha Ellington of Ft. Tryon Corp.;  Michael Zamm of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Roger Tashjian of Cabrini Terrace; Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Julie Gillis of Pinehurst Owners Corp; Sarah Morgridge of Chittenden House; and Elizabeth Ritter, Erica Lindenstraus and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village. Commercial Associate Members present were Simone Song of Simone Song Properties and Caroline Brown of Wm. B. May Company.  Also present was Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz of the Hebrew Tabernacle.

The April minutes were approved.  One change should be noted by all readers:  in the draft minutes that were sent out, Michael Augenblick offered to provide information about how to obtain free internet access, but this is no longer available.

Marcella distributed copies of notes from a meeting of Michael A., Elizabeth and Marcella a few days earlier;  the notes are called "The HHOC Website:  Vision, Goals, Plan".  To obtain a copy contact one of these persons. Note that they are reachable via the website/email: ( ... President...Secretary.. Webmaster).


Roger initiated a discussion of three topics:  key security systems and resident compliance;  house rules pertaining to access and noise on roof decks; and drops in water pressure during the summer months.  As to the latter, the Fire Department has a policy of opening up hydrants during the day for recreation on a limited basis. Interested parties (must be an adult; must have/present identification) should go to their local fire house for details.

Mike Zamm reported on issues brought up by residents at his building’s annual meeting, including:

  •  noise from Jacob Javitz park.  This is a concern that seems to be shared by many buildings.  Why isn’t the  park closing enforced?
  •  lights missing from the 190th Street station.  Elizabeth suggested he refer the matter to the Community Board.
  • interest in a dog run in Fort Tryon Park.  Elizabeth noted that Jane Schachat, the Northern Manhattan Parks Director is working with CB12 and the local community on this issue. Interested persons should add their voice by contacting Mike, as well as Ms. Schachat (795-1388), and the CB12 Parks & Environment Committee (568-8500; 711 W 168th St, NYC 10032).
  • concern about uneven pavement near the PS187 schoolyard.  Mike A. added that there are also curbs missing along Cabrini.  Elizabeth advised that this matter be addressed to the Community Board with a copy to District 6 (school administration).
  • questions about tree pruning.  This is matter for the Parks Department.
  • Sarah asked if any other buildings had concerns about noise etc. from the day care center on 185th Street and there was a discussion about the best way to establish a productive relationship with them.


    Rabbi Berkowitz of the Hebrew Tabernacle spoke of his interest in connecting with people such as ourselves who are committed to the vitality of the neighborhood.
    He asked if there were initiatives to improve local schools.  Several parents in the group who have been active in this issue gave him some background information on how the Muscota New School came to be founded and the attitudes of Community School District Six as a whole.  Elizabeth articulated HHOC’s role in the school question as being one of voter education:
  • (1) advocating the relationship between good schools, good neighborhoods, and home equity;
  • (2) holding "Meet the School Board Candidates" gatherings, and candidate debates/forums;
  • (3) getting out the vote.
  • Rabbi Berkowitz was also brought up to date on other HHOC initiatives such as the beautification of 187th Street, and there was general discussion about the fact that young families are in fact moving to the neighborhood at a clip.
    The Rabbi asked the group to note that the Hebrew Tabernacle will host an ecumenical Thanksgiving gathering the day before Thanksgiving.  More details will follow closer to the time.


    Task force re security north of PS 187:  has had a meeting, and is pursuing next steps.
    Support of landlords et al. re combating "resident dealers":  Elizabeth reported that the Community Board Public Safety Committee has taken up this issue;  she will encourage Gus Perry and Sybil Dodson (Saftey Committee Chair) to get in touch with each other.

    Dog Poop:  Elizabeth reported that The Department of Sanitatio Enforcement Division has promised to begin enforcement details in the early mornings and early evenings along Cabrini Blvd. and Pinehurst Ave. Robert Miller also was successful in getting Sanitation to replace missing garbage receptacles along Cabrini Blvd.

    187th Street:  there was discussion of the soon-to-be opened Bleu Evolution Café;  it was agreed to send flowers to the pre-opening reception;  Simone reported on concerns of the Hudson River Merchants Association and there was discussion of how to improve communication between HHOC and that organization;  Julie agreed to take on the task of managing the folders; it was agreed that Marcella would send a letter to the merchants clarifying that the folders are/have been ready and await their fliers;  it was further reported that the merchants plan to have a "shop late night" on Thursdays, wherein stores will be open until 10pm; Roger reported that he and the Chamber of Commerce believe they will be successful in providing six tree guards for the 187th Street commercial strip, and that Chase Bank has given him a verbal commitment for a grant to continue beautifying the street.


    Simone reported that sales in the area continue to be extremely brisk, and voiced the concern that the single biggest hitch in the process is the multiplicity and inconsistency of admissions policies among the co-ops.  Not only does each building have its own policy and process, but the co-ops frequently fail to notify the brokers when that policy changes.  Also, there is a wide range of application fees, with some seeming to be exorbitant.  It was suggested that HHOC propose to its member buildings that they clarify, if not standardize, their approach to admissions policy.  All agreed that this should be an HHOC initiative, not one from the brokers.  We will begin by considering a draft proposal/letter at the next meeting.

    Elizabeth reported on the following:
    1. Bennett Park will be designated by the Parks Department as a "quiet zone" during the hours of 10pm and 7am. This means that amplified music will not be allowed during those times, and that NYPD will not need to use a decible meter to confiscate such equipment +/or issue summonses to their users.
    2. The unicorn tapestries are moving to the downtown Metropolitan Museum of Art on 6/15 for (up to) a year, during renovations at the Cloisters.
    3. A community breakfast at the Medical Center regarding the recent merger with NY/Cornell Medical Center.
    4. The MTA will soon be making available weekly and monthly metrocards. A weekly card will cost $17; a monthly card will cost $63. The cards will be good for unlimited bus/subway rides for 7 or 30 days, respectively, beginning with the day that the card first is used. (As opposed to going Monday-Sunday, or from the 1st ?30th.)

    Elizabeth reported the following correspondence:
    1. Letter re Dyckman Park bathrooms:  done, sent by Elizabeth to Abby Belkin, Chair of CB12 Parks & Environment Committee.
    2. Letter re traffic signage in Ft. Tryon Park:  done, sent by Elizabeth to Steve Rizick, Chair of CB12 Traffic & Transportation Committee, with additional copies to the Parks Committee, the Parks Department and the 34th Precinct.
    3. Letter to Giuliani protesting $15 million library cuts
    4. Letter to 34th Precinct regarding their excellent response to the 4/30/98 bomb scare in Inwood

    Neighborhood Events/Organizations:

    1. Free chamber music concert on 5/26 at 7pm at Columbia U’s Alumni Auditorium, featuring Caire Fitzgerald on Cello and Dr. Ben Metrick on Piano.
    2. The Inwood Canoe Club is having an all-day open house on Saturday, June 6th. For more information, write the Club at PO Box 94, Inwood Station, NYC 10034, or leave a message at the Dyckman Marina: 567-5120.
    3. Summer Serenades Thursday night concert series in Bennett Park by the Northern Manhattan Community Artists: concerts will be 6/11, 6/18, and 6/25 at 7pm. (Rain location: Collegiate Church @ 181st St. & Ft. Washington Ave.) Fliers were distributed. It also was agreed that HHOC would donate $250 to support this excellent series.
    4. The Hudson River Merchants Assn. is planning a street fair on 187th St. sometime early this Fall.

    The next meeting was set for MONDAY JUNE 22nd, same time but NOTE NEW LOCATION:  The Castle Village Community Room,  110 Cabrini Blvd.  The meeting was adjourned 9:30 p.m.


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