The meeting took place at 110 Cabrini Blvd. and was called to order at 7:30 p.m. 4/19/99. Present were the following residents of member buildings: Geri Hopkins of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Roger Tashjian of Cabrini Terrace; Sarah Morgridge of 17 Chittenden; Dawn Plyley, Pat Young and Anne-Marie OíKeeffe of Hudson View Gardens; Regina Tetins of 360 Cabrini; Adria Quiñones of Nagle Apts.; Julia Attaway of 350 Cabrini; Bill Day,Elizabeth Lorris Ritter and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village. Also present were Commercial Associate members Caroline Brown of William B. May; Simone Yen Song and Luis Solis of Simone Song Real Estate, and Gus Perry of Stein-Perry Real Estate.

The draft March minutes were reviewed and approved.

Neighborhood News and HHOC Action

5/18 SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS: VOTE! See notes on HHOCís involvement, under "Projects".

Geri mentioned that a number of neighborhood residents are planning a block party & community closet cleanout for June. People took fliers to hang up in their buildings, and HHOC agreed to include a flier in its mailing.

There is paperwork pertaining to the acquisition of trees on 187th that requires signature from the commercial landlords. Simone, Mike and Roger agreed to assist in obtaining these.

For informational purposes, Elizabeth reported on the two possible futures ó an early childhood center +/or a dialysis center -- being considered for the vacant building at Bogardus & Ellwood.

The elevator at the 181st Street Number 1 train station will be closed for renovation, for possibly an extended period of time.

Bennett Park will host "Itís My Park" day on Saturday 5/22 ca. 10-3, with cleanup and painting projects. Anne Marie reported on the planning of the roundtable meeting which Marcella will chair.

Fresh Youth Initiatives, a neighborhood youth services organization, is having a gala fundraiser at the Jumel Mansion 5/6 (probably after these draft minutes are received. Note is made here to reflect the contents of the meeting but also to record the range of positive activities going on around us).


Adria asked whether any other buildings had experience with Roger Cable, which prompted a discussion of the various cable providers in the neighborhood.

HHOC business

Dues are due; please make sure your building is up to date. Bill offered HHOC a small copying machine which was gratefully accepted.


HHOC folders: it was agreed to add voter registration and change-of-address forms to the folder. Julia agreed to assist Marcella in compiling information re: neighborhood activism. Elizabeth succeeded in obtaining Cloisters brochures. Simone asked for copies of the vision statement.

Merchant Support: It was agreed that in addition to shopping local as individuals, we ought to ask our buildings to shop in the neighborhood, for example at Geomart. Some buildings have bulk-purchasing accounts with larger retailers, but even those buildings could be making their ad hoc purchases at Geomart. Please support this idea in your building. There was also a discussion of how glad we are to have our restaurants, including Kismatís expansion, Bleuís arrival, and the Fort Tryon Caféís added dinner menu. Luis agreed to convey useful comments to the owners on HHOCís behalf.

Cab behavior: Elizabeth reported on a Community Board public hearing re: renewal of the licenses for four of the local livery companies, which was an opportunity to bring up the question of dangerous or inconvenient behavior by some cabbies: backing up one-way streets, blocking traffic by double-parking, etc. Kirsten attended this meeting on HHOCís behalf. The CB, it turns out, has been attentive to these issues for a long time. There are new "zone" rules such that cars wait in queue for their next passenger rather than racing each other for the fastest arrival time; these new rules will help de-incent going backwards, etc. If you note dangerous cab behavior, pay attention to the details (time, date, place, event, livery company, car number) and then do one or both of the following. (1) Call the company right away and tell the dispatcher. (See attached company/phone listing. Thanks to Gus for his research.) Livery companies do take this very seriously and penalize the drivers. For example, double parking costs the driver 4 - 6 hours of road time. (2) Forward the information to HHOC. We will collect these data points, watch for patterns, and alert the appropriate parties.

School Board elections get-out-the-vote drive: HHOC volunteers led by Sarah have been participating in the project; HHOC is preparing a new mailing on this subject; the Candidateís Forum is set for 7:00 p.m., Monday May 10 at the Isabella Geriatric Center; there will also be a Meet-the-Candidates event at the Hebrew Tabernacle on Sunday May 16th from 3pm-5pm.

Geri prepared the outreach letter to the new Captain of the 34th as listed in last monthís project list. Also, Marcella reported on behalf of Mike Zamm that he had followed up on complaints re A-Train and M-104 service with the Transit Authority and was continuing to build a line of communication with the TA on this and similar matters.

Elizabeth reported on her follow-up re: last monthís letter on car vandalism. The underlying issue is the precinctís handling of complaints. In this case and also in the case of the pedestrian hit by a delivery bicycle some months ago, the precinct did not accept citizensí reports of the crime and therefore did not address the matter at all. Elizabeth was successful in obtaining a commitment by Community Affairs Office Billy Hughes to look into these matters and to ensure both that these specific complaints were re-opened and that better care would be taken in such cases in the future.

HHOCís position paper re: airplane noise was delivered to the Community Board. Elizabeth also reported that a neighborhood resident had communicated to her a number of new ideas about how to pursue this, which she will forward to Charlotte Russell.

Julia reported that she had been the target of a credit card scam, in which a telephone caller pretended that he had to learn her credit card numbers in order to protect her account from fraud (!). The caller said things that made it clear he knew and was possibly targeting this neighborhood in specific. If this happens to you, please let HHOC know so that we can track the pattern.

Dog waste: Luis volunteered a new idea for increasing community awareness of and compliance with the need for cleaning up after oneís dog: a public event (such as a "Community Awareness Day"), which he will look into the possibility of realizing. (Even after many years of discussion, itís still possible to come up with a new idea! Thanks Luis.) Having dispensers of plastic bags and more garbage cans was discussed again also. The people working on Bennett Park Initiatives may be able to get bag dispensers for the park.

The next meeting was set for the third Monday of the month but in planning since then, this has proved impracticable, so the next meeting will be Monday May 24th at 7:30 in the Castle Village Community Room. NOTE CHANGES IN DAY, TIME, and LOCATION.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


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