The meeting took place at 740 West 181st Street and was called to order at 7:30 p.m. 5/24/99. Present were the following residents of member buildings: Suwineetha Gunasekera of 66 Overlook;  Michael Augenblick of 255 Cabrini Condominium; Geri Hopkins and Martha B. Ellington of Ft. Tryon Corp.; Peggy Morrissey and Helen Sokolsky of Cabrini Terrace; Adam Marcus of Chittenden House; Anne-Marie O’Keeffe and Neil Blumstein of Hudson View Gardens; Regina Tetens of 360 Cabrini;  Michael Zamm and Rosa Naparstek of 720-730 Ft. Washington; Julia Attaway of 350 Cabrini; Elizabeth Lorris Ritter and Marcella Calabi of Castle Village. Also present were Commercial Associate members Caroline Brown of William B. May; Luis Solis of Simone Song Properties; and Gus Perry, Peter Simoes, Brian Shadood, and Louis Pulice of Stein-Perry Real Estate. Also present were Kim Klenk of Senator Schneiderman’s office, Lottie Almonte of School District Six, Rolando Cordoves of Peyes Locksmith, Susan Wolf of 68 Cabrini and Steven D. Kramer of 1380 Riverside Drive.

 The draft May minutes were reviewed and approved with minor typographical corrections.

HHOC’s new initiative to support activities for neighborhood youth made progress thanks to Gus and our guest Ms. Almonte, who explained how to connect with existing organizations such as P.A.L., interface with schools, and create new programs. It seems that HHOC can have a more immediate impact by working with the local schools to provide space for programs that already exist in other locations and want to expand. There was also interest in developing new programs especially in literacy and the creative arts.

Elizabeth reported on her appearance as an HHOC representative at a meeting of police recruits, discussing police/community relationships. The struggles and the rewards of those relationships boil down to the same issues that crop up between any two individuals or any two groups; Elizabeth asked neighborhood residents to give cops the benefit of the doubt just as she asked police to do the same for civilians.

Kim Klenk made it clear that lines of communication to Sen. Schneiderman’s office are open. Train/ bus service were discussed, also Sanitation’s/DOT’s failure to attend to the 187th St. steps. Luis will research who owns the adjacent land. Kim will get a list of other issues mentioned to her predecessor.
There was discussion about recent security incidents in the neighborhood. Marcella reported on a  conversation with Officer Trinidad about an incident in which local youths rebuffed gang recruiters [good for them!!!!] and agreed to follow up for additional information. The Security Patrol Committee decided to convene again over the summer and there were additional volunteers for that group.

Luis reported on his work towards a month-long Doggie-Doo Educational Campaign. He is pursuing ideas to bring in the youngsters, such as a poster contest in the schools.  His project acquired new volunteers and will proceed over the summer. He can be contacted at doggie_dont@<nospam>
Anne-Marie agreed to work with Luis on the overlap between his project and related issues in Bennett Park. She also reported on the 5/4 brainstorming meeting hosted by HHOC at which multiple officials were present. Friends of Bennett Park also is working with the Parks Department on upcoming renovations of the park. Ongoing projects and new initiatives including fundraising for new signage are under way. The Friends are working with the Parks Department on setting up a community garden within the park. The Friends, an offshoot of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association, meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Call 330-8682 or email to participate.

Julia reported that the 187th Street merchants pulled together to host a reception after the latest Summer Serenades concert, at which a dozen or so volunteers came forward to help Lisa Hansen run the series; thus the budget shortfall was covered. Another example of the benefit of networking.

The project list was reviewed; letters agreed to at the last meeting have been sent, etc. Marcella reminded the group that the neighborhood could have its own Millenium New Year’s Party. To contribute ideas or action write newyears@<nospam>

The next meeting will be held on Monday September 13th at 7:15pm in the offices of:
Stein-Perry Real Estate, Inc.,

764 West 181st Street, between Ft. Wash & B’way.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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