Hudson Heights Owners Coalition (HHOC)

We are an association of owner occupied residential properties located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Hudson Heights. Our boundaries are between J. Hood Wright Park (173rd Street) and Fort Tryon Park (Margaret Corbin Circle at 192nd Street), west of Broadway.

Since 1993, our member buildings, currently 25, have worked together and with others in the community to maintain and enhance the quality of life and the property values in the neighborhood. We:

  • Help our member buildings to be both pleasant homes and sound financial enterprises by sharing information, experience, contacts, and perspective. Improve quality of life in the neighborhood by undertaking projects to foster community unity, support local cultural activities, enhance the beauty and cleanliness of the area, and solve specific local problems.
  • Broaden the base of this community effort by connecting with commercial landlords, commercial tenants, and residential landlords to address common concerns..

Support local property values by increasing public awareness of this neighborhood’s special attractions, resources, and services.